Roof Mounting System RF Series - Double Layers
Product Number: RF Series - Double Layers
Product Info:
PV Mounting Systems
1. Easy & fast to install
2. Perfect for residential & industrial solar PV system use
Specifications & Materials
Ground Conditions: Flat Concrete Roof/ Ground, Corrugated Roof
Inclination: 0 - 60°
Windload: Up to 60m/s
PV Modules: Any Makers PV Modules
Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
Materials: Aluminum Alloy 6063 ; Stainless Steel 304
Surface Treatment: 10um Anodized + 7um ED
Color: Aluminum Silver or Customized
1. Reduced joint parts to minimize labor hours and cost for installation.
2. Anodizing and ED surface coating treatment along with SUS 304 bolts and nuts to increase corrosion resistance.
3. Customizable design (inclination, arrangement, and etc…) 
4. Light weight aluminum alloy 
5. Preconfigured holes and length to eliminate on site cutting, drilling, or welding.
6. Affordable price
7. Made in Taiwan

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