Company profile
Company profile


  • Falon Co., Ltd. located in the aluminum extrusion manufacture center of Taiwan-Tainan for 20 years.
  • We are specialized supply aluminum extrusion profiles tooling for green energy saving.
  • As a professional aluminum extrusion and a strict aluminum solar manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • We support the aluminum Solar according your design drawings and your samples: aluminum extrusion profiles for solar, aluminum solar panel frame, aluminum solar bracket, aluminum solar accessories, aluminum solar PV module mounting system.
  • We are specialized in production and sale of the aluminum accessory for solar panels and the design of solar energy system projects.
  • Currently, we focus on producing the aluminum accessory for solar panels including professional aluminum solar panel frames, junction box, aluminum solar bracket and solar applied system.
  • We provide aluminum molding intensive processing value-added services and so on hardware processing, surface treatment as well as assembly for the customer.
  • The company equipment is advanced, necessary complete.
  • The corporate management system consummates, excellent in quality, the product have been sold well in our domestic market and international market, including Japan, South-east Asia, Europe and America.



Taiwan Factory / office
Falon Co., Ltd.
No. 737, Taizi Rd., Rende City, Tainan City 717, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886 6 2736755 Fax: +886 6 2736756
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